Service Accent is a complete service department solution for field and internal engineers with call control and scheduling, engineer management, service, meter billing, contract billing, wireless and internet capabilities, and financial exports to Sage, QuickBooks PRO, MYOB and others
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Service Accent additional modules

 Service Accent standard functionality

  • Customer management

  • Field service, workshop & helpdesk call logging

  • Call escalations

  • Contract administration

  • Planned maintenance

  • Visual scheduling

  • Warranty administration

  • Parts usage

  • Management reporting and more

  • Contract/period billing

  • Service invoicing

  • Rental billing

  • Sales order processing featuring quotations, orders and credit notes

  • Financial systems interface (including MYOB, QuickBooks, Sage, Opera and MS Great Plains)

  • Job costing

  • Profit & loss analysis reports and more

 Service Accent Stock Control

This includes central and locational stock, purchase order processing, machine stock, loan stock, stock auditing, valuation and full stock-take facilities. It allows you to maintain engineer van stock (perfect in combination with Service Accent Wireless) and improves overall business efficiency and customer service/support through the use of integrated, real-time stock information.

 Service Accent Stock Control datasheet  

 Service Accent Meter Billing

Aimed at the office equipment, vending and other ‘metered’ markets, this module generates massive time savings on the most repetitive, yet essential, of billing tasks. Whether you bill weekly, monthly, quarterly or even daily, Service Accent Meter Billing will speed up invoice generation. Service Accent Meter Billing ensures that everyone is billed accurately and on time.

 Service Accent Meter Billing datasheet  

 Service Accent Online Meter Billing

Online meter billing simplifies meter reading collections. Once you have raised your list of meter-billed clients for the period, the information is sent to our dedicated (and secure) website automatically and your customers are sent an email which invites them to visit this website.

Once your client is validated, he or she is presented with a simple and intuitive interface allowing them to enter their meter readings (whether they have one or one hundred). These readings are validated at the point of entry to reduce invalid readings and sent back to Service Accent. Invoices are then raised automatically as part of the meter billing process with no further intervention required, thus saving hundreds of man-hours and significant expense.

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 Service Accent Online Meter Billing datasheet  

 SMS and Email Notifications

Service Accent can already send emails out to your customers as part of its call escalation procedure. The SMS and Email Notifications module extends this functionality to allow Service Accent to send SMS messages and emails to your customers, engineers and named individuals on specific triggers. For example, you can send an SMS message to an engineer when a call is assigned to him, or email the customer when the call is closed.

 Service Accent Notifications datasheet  

 Dynamic Mapping

Service Accent Dynamic Mapping allows you to locate your engineers on a user-friendly map which can significantly aid you in the smooth running of your service department. As standard, it enables you to view the location of engineers and customers based upon the jobs that are currently allocated to them. However, when used with Service Accent Wireless and engineers equipped with GPS-enabled PDAs you can locate your engineers in near real-time as well as viewing your engineers travel history.

When an urgent call comes in you will be able to see in an instant where your engineers currently are and thereby better assess who is best placed to attend the call.

 Service Accent Dynamic Mapping datasheet  

 Remote Monitoring & Billing

Service Accent utilises data collected by several of the leading print management software solutions. This machine data can now be seamlessly brought into Service Accent to massively reduce the time and costs associated with meter billing, supplies fulfilment and service call logging.

Print Management Solutions are powerful, easy to use tools designed to remotely collect meter readings, automate supplies requests and report service information for managing fleets of printers, copiers, fax machines, and multi-function devices. When used in conjunction with Service Accent it enables you to save huge amounts of time and money on some of the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks you undertake.

 Service Accent Remote Monitoring & Billing datasheet  

For more information about compatible print management solutions, visit the suppliers below:


Dashboards are a simpler and more effective way of identifying key performance indicators and management information within Service Accent. Whilst reports are very good at showing detail, Dashboards are a perfect way for users to identify trends and easily spot problems, bottlenecks or opportunities within Service Accent. Whether you wish to view year-to-date invoicing trends or how busy your service department is, Dashboards enable you to keep an eye on this information without the need to run a specific report for each query.

A basic suite of Dashboards is now available (from version 206 onwards) as standard within Service Accent, but we also offer optional Dashboard Packs for specific areas of your business. These cost-effective packs cover Invoicing, Service and Meter information and provide an invaluable tool to any business which wishes to have a simple and cost-effective insight into key business performance.

 Service Accent Dashboards datasheet  

 Postcode Lookup*

Using an advanced postcode interrogation interface, simply enter a postcode and let Service Accent populate the address for you. No more typing errors, no tedious entries, just the address first time, every time.

* This feature is currently available in the UK only.

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