Service Accent is a complete service department solution for field and internal engineers with call control and scheduling, engineer management, service, meter billing, contract billing, wireless and internet capabilities, and financial exports to Sage, QuickBooks PRO, MYOB and others
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Spotlight on stock control

Being one of the most important functions of any service provider, stock control can separate a well-organised company from its competitors. Why? Because knowing what you have in stock and where exactly it is can be the difference between a good experience for your customers and a bad one. Providing quicker response times, knowing what your engineers’ optimum stock levels should be and improving first-time fix rates not only helps improve cash-flow within your own business but also ensures customers receive the highest levels of customer service

Service Accent Stock Control gives you the ability to manage and maintain multiple main stock (branch) locations as well as enabling you to manage, control and replenish engineer van stock. You can even set customers up as stock locations if you need to keep parts on site for immediate access.

Unique minimum stock levels can be set for these individual locations and re-order quantities can also be recorded by location to ensure that you always have just enough stock in at all times. Features such as our Stock Transit Manager mean that you can even see which items are currently in transit, where they came from and where they are going to, allowing you to keep track of your stock at all times.

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