Service Accent is a complete service department solution for field and internal engineers with call control and scheduling, engineer management, service, meter billing, contract billing, wireless and internet capabilities, and financial exports to Sage, QuickBooks PRO, MYOB and others
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Spotlight on reports and feedback

It's all well and good entering data into a database, even one as easy to use and intuitive as Service Accent. The real challenge from a management perspective though is can you get meaningful, up-to-date management information from the system that enables you to make accurate, timely decisions about your business.

Service Accent comes complete with a suite of over 150 ready made reports that have been devised and honed during 15 years service at over 250 client sites worldwide. Being able to identify your most and least profitable contracts, even down to the individual item of equipment means that you can make changes confident that they will have a positive impact upon the financial wellbeing of your business.

First time fix rates, equipment uptime/downtime, stock movement histories and engineer/technician productivity reports are a mere taste of the real-time information that is available with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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