Service Accent is a complete service department solution for field and internal engineers with call control and scheduling, engineer management, service, meter billing, contract billing, wireless and internet capabilities, and financial exports to Sage, QuickBooks PRO, MYOB and others
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Service Accent Wireless

Service Accent Wireless allows your engineers access their jobs where ever they are. Using wireless communications from their Android smartphone they can get access to their jobs, update and close them, log new jobs, check customer history, record meter readings, complete tasks and capture signatures.

Service Accent Wireless is a native Android application which allows it to be used offline. So it doesn't matter if you are in an area of poor coverage, or a sensitive area like hospitals, engineers can continue to close calls or enter parts. The application will synchronise itself with your main database when the device goes back online.

After capturing the customer's signature, have the signed Proof of Acceptance emailed directly to the customer automatically (this is a chargeable option)

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Service Accent Wireless is currently only supported on Android Phones. If you require a mobile solution for other devices such as Microsoft Windows Phone or Apple iOS devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad) then please visit the Service Accent Mobile product page to learn more.

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Case studies

Insight Systems PLC has been able to manage a 15% increase in inventory deployed without increasing the number of engineers employed or the number of jobs undertaken. Find out how by reading the case study below.

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Mustang Hygiene Solutions has been able to handle 30% more work without requiring additional manpower resources. Find out how by reading the case study below.

 Read the Mustang Hygiene Solutions case study  

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